Saturday, April 15, 2006

Patriots Day

Are you a Patriot? Are you really? Because Monday, April 17 is Patriots Day and the Red Sox are playing their arch nemesis: the Mariners. (Da Da Dum!)Professor Thom's will be open at 11 am to make sure that you see the game. We couldn't live with ourselves if you missed it.And, don't forget that Monday is also Marathon Day. Come on by to see for yourself just which Kenyan will win this year. You never know, you might see history in action. An Ethiopian might win. (Is John Kelley still running? If so I want him to win.)

So come join the family at Professor Thom's for Patriots Day.Remember, you can't go wromg with Professor Thom.You are on this list because you're special.

"You know, ladies and gentlemen,
I've already been to Paris,
I already beento Rome
And what did I do but miss my home?"
-Jonathan Richman

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.