Thursday, April 26, 2007

Round II

Was anyone else confused at the end of "Rocky" when he's jumping around screaming "Adrian" and everyone is cheering and Apollo is depressed? Rocky lost? Why the hell do you do "the Cinderella story" and end it with Cinderella still sweeping ashes? Why? For the sequel, that's why.

Stallone figured out early that the sequel was where the money was. The original cast of "First Blood" (One of the best movies ever!) had Kirk Douglas playing Colonel Trautman instead of Richard Crenna. KIRK DOUGLAS! Spartacus quit when Stallone refused to adhere to the book's original ending that had Trautman killing Rambo, not leading him out to the police. Why? Sequel baby! Imagine Kirk Douglas killing Rambo! Wow.

Well, life imitates art, or so it would seem. Because, although Spartacus beat the Yankees soundly last weekend, this weekend it's on again. Now, by this point I can't remember in this metaphor if the Sox are Rocky, Apollo, Trautman, or Kitty and Stud. But I do know that Jason Giambi is Frank Stallone and the Sox are on at Thom's.

Come in for $4 Thom's Ale and Spaceman Ale during the game. And, when Dice K pitches $4 Asahi.

Clamapalooza III: Bye Bye Bi-Valve

Speaking of sequels, the clams are back with a vengeance. On Thursday May 17, we'll be bringing back Clamapalooza for the premiere of Harpoon Brown. There will be specials and give-aways all night. And after the Sox game, The third Boston Teabag Party will be going on upstairs featuring the best New England comedians living in New York. So many sequels, it's like deja vu all over again.

(BTW, yes Stallone is making another Rambo: John J Rambo.)

Kitty: Someday you'll be known as the Italian Stallion.
Stud: Let's get high

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.