Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad News for Sox Fans

It looks like the Yankees have done it again. They've won the division. MLB even has the t-shirts printed. Well, it's the wild card again for the Olde Towne 9. At least we're in the playoffs.

In a surprising move the Yankees have also won the AL West stunning the Angels who have already celebrated the crown. The Yankee domination is far reaching and the Sox will do best to simply get out of their way.
Upon hearing the news that he had won the MVP and Cy Young awards A-Rod said he was so happy that he got his back waxed.
Good for you, A-Rord. GFY.
In other news, Manny's return to the line up has given a much needed boost to the Sox line up. And, with but a few games remaining he has a chance to get his average over .300.
Don't forget that all of the games are on at Thom's next week. But, it's going to be busy, so get there early. I'll be in Italy on my honeymoon, so I'll appreciate any and all updates.
More Thom's Foolery
Look for New Hampshire's own Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale on tap next week for the playoffs and, as always, the Magic Hat's Space Man Ale and the Harpoon's Thom's Ale will be $4 during the game.
Represent! Check out these shirts with your neighborhood or town.
And, you'll soon be able to buy Thom's gear here. You already have a Fitzy tee? Good for you. GFY.
Bad news, bad news come to me where I sleep,
Turn, turn, turn again.
Sayin' one of your friends is in trouble deep,
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind.
-Robert Zimmerman

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.