Thursday, October 11, 2007

That's Amore!

Many of you have asked where I was during the first two games of the ALDS. Well, it's time to reveal that I in fact went to the Riviera. Yes, that no-man's land of Red Sox fans. The original home of Red Sox Nation in New York. The place to where I swore I would never return. But, I could not resist all of those beaches and all of that great food and olives and wine and...

Alright, you may have figured out by now that I wasn't in the West Village for the ALDS but the other Riviera, the one in Italy, on my honeymoon. I had a lobby computer and had to wake the hotel staff at 2 am for an internet card, "Scusi signor, io voglio internet per i Calzi Rossi di Boston." "I Calzi di Rossi? Ma certo!" Then I had to wait for hours for CNN International to show the least meaningful clip of the game just to follow it with an hour of Cricket coverage. Mamma mia! Apparently, the Red Sox are very popular in Italy. And, it's no surprise when you consider all of the great Italians that have played for the Sox: DiMaggio, Petrocelli, Casale, Conigliaro, Merloni, Oglivie

I got back in time to join an incredible crowd at Thom's watch the Sox knock out the Angels and the Indians knock out the Yankees. Yes, the Yankees lost in the first round again. It kind of seems strange not to face them in the playoffs, but for those of you belating the loss of another Sox/Yanks match-up, CHB makes it clear why we want the Indians.

It would appear that Yankee fans are finally getting used to losing and are actually starting to enjoy it. Play-by-play icon Suzyn Wailman gave this heartfelt summation of their season. That's right Suze, he's our friend. The Yankees have even been kind enough to offer money back on tickets already bought. You just have to fill out this application: Yankees ticket redemption form.
The pennant games start tonight with Rockies at the Diamondbacks. Then tomorrow, it's the Sox and the Indians. Please get there early if you want a seat. Just four more wins until the World Series.
Sunday, the unbeaten Patsies face the unbeaten Cowboys in Dallas a 4pm. It's a big weekend in New England. Hit it Barry!

More Thom's Foolery

It's picture time. Here are a couple fotos of friends of Thom's with some big names:

First up is Sam McGee with hall of famer Bobby Doerr.

And here's the Kaz kids with Tina Cervasio.

And, finally, here are the pictures from my wedding! (Sorry, wrong link. Here are the real pictures)

When you like to take naps
And you wish you had Paps
That's Joe Torre.
That's Joe Torre!
-R. Zapatka

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.