Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Report!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. How appropriate that today of all days the love of my life has returned.

It's official. At noon today pitchers and catchers reported to their respective spring training camps. Thus, beginning the 2008 baseball season. Well, it's not really begun until you report to Thom's to kick it off. So, show up tonight for a little spring work-out. Get that elbow ready for a season of bending.

Let's see. What else is going on? I'm misremembering right now. Oh, yeah! That nice man from Dayton, Ohio, William Roger Clemens did y'all a favor yesterday by doing a performance of Punch and Judy for all the nation to see. Somehow, the Texas Con-Man remembered very little himself except that everyone else had remembered wrongly, or "misremembered".

Meanwhile, the namer, Brian McNamee, the man who supplied the illegal drugs to Clemens (Debbie), Knoblauch and Pettitte admitted to everything except being a "drug dealer". "That's your opinion," he said when asked why he didn't consider himself a drug dealer. Brilliant! "That's your opinion" should be the defense of everyone that gives testimony in front of Congress. "Did you have relations with Monica Lewinsky?" "That's your opinion." "Did you lie about torture?" "That's your opinion." Brilliant!

Then, there's Herbie Stempel, Clemens' bff, played by Andy Pettitte who is somehow a hero for eventually not lying as much as he did before. What a guy! Hear that kids? Do whatever you want, just make sure you apologize and turn in your friends when faced with imprisonment.

I just really wonder how Andy will be treated at Fenway the first time he starts there. Will he receive the old-fashioned "Ste-Roids" chant invented for Canseco? Or will he get one of those ironical applauses for turning in Clemens. This never stops entertaining me.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, pitchers and catchers report today (well, some of them) and the Sox are still champions. I can finally take down from the blog the Superbowl footage from the bar. Blech!

The Green Team

The Celtics just keep on keeping on despite the fact the Garnett has been out over a week and now Davis and Scalabrine are injured too. It's a credit to Doc Rivers who has played the entire bench all year so that they could fill in in big spots. Powe played 38 minutes last night. Who? Exactly.

Come see some of the Celtics play in the All-Star Game Sunday. Ray Allen found out last night that he'll be on the team.

I miss my Andy and the ... good fun

I Fought the Law and the ... law won

I Fought the Law and the ... law won

-Sonny Curtis and the Crickets

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.