Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gag-ne with a Spoon

Ever since the Sox made "the big trade" of the trading deadline it's been all down hill. Gagne' was supposed to be un savior but has turned out to be un bust grande. (Not that I have anything against a grand bust.) I know a certain GFYer is gaga for Gag-ne. But, at this point I'd rather trade for Monty Stratton and limp into the play-offs then risk losing outright. I know he'll probably turn it around, but by then the MFY could be-OK, OK the brakes are on. No more fear. Let's talk about good things:

The Good Things
Good thing #1: Super Sox minor leaguer Clay Buchholz makes his debut tomorrow in the double header vs. the Angels.

The good things are happening all over the place. Tuesday James Bond Nights in the Loft have been a huge hit. And, next Tuesday you can be in a movie downstairs at Thom's when the nice people from Bombo films come by to shoot for their new Red Sox documentary. Do not be left out of this one. This is the last Red Sox documentary anyone will ever make.

Then on Thursday, the 23rd we're going to tape your eyes open and feed you a media overload. At 7 pm we'll be screening the film about the '67 Sox, "Impossible to Forget". And, at 9pm, we'll be having the newest installment of the Boston Teabag Party featuring Fitzy.
August 28, the BLOHARDS are having their summer luncheon at the Yale Club with their usual gathering of surprise guests. Get tickets here.

More Thom's Foolery
Well all those years of conjugal visits have finally paid off. Walpole has a hardened bunch of Little Leaguers making their debut tomorrow in the Little League World Series at 2pm. If you have friends at MCI Cedar Junction in Walpole you probably know the parents of a few of these lads (sorry, no porkers) who traded 3o cartons of cigarettes just to get to Williamsport. Good for them, I say. Look for little Willie Horton in left field and batting clean-up.

It seems like some people are taking the death of Brooke Astor harder than others. Jose' Offerman-Astor had to be controled by members of two teams and Tommy John when he heard the news of his estranged grand aunt. This came but 8 minutes after learning that he plays for the Long Island Ducks.
Good thing
my good thing
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where have you gone?
My good thing
my good thing
good thing

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.