Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ballad of Ellis Hobbs

Charles Caleb Colton said "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Well, how very sincere our young friend Ellis Hobbs III must have been when he imitated that merry man Shawne for everyone's pleasure at midfield Sunday. (At midfield, so not to choose sides. How pious!) I'm just glad he didn't choose to imitate the classy Merriman in this video. (Apparently, he's not a big fan of "The Brady Bunch".) Merriman, and the rest of the Chargers for that matter, should have heeded another well tested Colton maxim "When you have nothing to say, say nothing.”

Saws aside, that was yet another chapter in the book of thrilling Patriots' finishes. Thank God the unruly Chargers made so many mental errors: dropping passes, fumbling, personal fouls after plays. And, to boot, Stephen "The Ghost Cow" Gostkowski finally showed his mettle setting the all time Patsies' playoff record with his 50-yard field goal! GOOOOOOO Ghost Cow!

This week will be a bit tougher. Never mind that the Chargers were favorite to win the Superbowl. The Colts will not make the same the mistakes. This promises to be another battle for the ages. Here's some highlights from the last time they played each other: Indy vs Pats. (BTW "Vic Payback" is my favorite wrestling name ever.)

If your coming to Thom's, get there early for brunch and stay for the first game: New Orleans at Chicago (3:00). We have a Brian Urlacher jersey to give away. "Urlacher", of course, is from the German for "source of laughter", so from here on in he'll be known on these pages as Brian Bozo, because Bozo always made me laugh.

Then at 6:00 the main event starts and we'll have give-aways upstairs and down stairs. That's right, both floors will be open for the games. So, you classy folk can head up to the lounge to enjoy a rousing match of football while the groundlings pack it in downstairs.

Tonight at Thom's

Come join UMASS alumni as they root their minutemen on against Xavier. Wear your gear for $4 Thom's Ale

The Bargame Games took a nasty turn last week when Thom's fell to Finnerty's in darts. But, this week the games come to Thom's. Drew and Gareth will be defending our honor in video golf. Come cheer them on at 8:00 and help us even the score.
Lights out
Blast, blast, blast
Lights out
-Peter Wolf

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.