Friday, January 05, 2007

Are You A Patriot? Well, Are You Punk?

It's finally time. I know what you're thinking, Patriot fans are spoiled; they wait all season for the playoffs to start. How very presumptuous. Well, it wasn't long ago that we waited all season for the playoffs to end and be over with. We presumed we wouldn't be there. That's all changed in the Belichick era. The Pats are perennially feared in the playoffs, regardless of what they do in the regular season. And, their success has spawned imitators. Bill Belichick's main protege' Eric Mangini is manning the Jet that flies into Foxboro this Sunday at 1 pm. It's Obi Wan and Darth all over again. But, this time it's personal (And on Earth.) This rivalry is finally starting to mean something. So, in honor of this rivalry, we're going to start one of our own.

Finnerty's, the Yankee Bar next door to us, is getting to big for their britches. So, we're challenging them to The First Annual Bar Game Olympics. Our best will be competing against their best for bragging rights in darts, pool, video golf, poker, and Megatouch (For all of you Catholics out there, please don't confuse the video game Megatouch with the penance "mega touch".) The games will take place Thursday nights either at Thom's or Finnerty's We need your support. If you want to take part, let me know.


I remember watching the Celtics play the 'Sixers when I was young and hearing mother say, "You know Dr. J went to UMass." I didn't go there, but I always found myself rooting for them. Now you can too. The Umass NYC Metro Alumni (We have to find them a beter name. TUNMA?) has designated Thom's as the place to watch UMASS hoops in NYC. In fact, if you wear your Minutemen gear you'll get $4 Thom's Ales. With the Broons getting shellacked 10-2 and the Celtics yearning for the days of Gerry Sichting the Minutemen make for a good winter diversion.

In Memoriam

The longest standing (or wheel chair bound, as it were) member of Red Sox Nation passed away this week. Kathryn Gemme was 112 years old. She was 25 when Johnny Pesky was born! Imagine, she saw all 6 World Series Championships The Red Sox won.
Don't forget to pick up your bus tickets to Boston at the bar-$15 each way.
Land Of Football Glory
Mightier Than Thee
Score, Yes We Shall Do
And Claim Our Victory
Football! Football! Football!
- T-Spoon

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.