Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's Go Celtics!

Man, we had a pisser time at the Celtics game today at MSG. The Knicks didn't have much of a chance from the outset and neither did my sobriety. My friend Rich upgraded my ticket to the 2nd row right behind the legendary Thommy Heinsohn and his friends brought us beers at every chance. And speaking of Thommies there were several in attendance. The picture on the top left shows Horton, Brandt, and Robert at the game.
The picture to the right shows Scalabrine looking at Horton, Brandt, and Robert at the game.
And obviously, the third picture is Thommy Heinsohn.

Since this was my first time seeing this team live, a few observations:
  • Rondo really sees the floor well.
  • Garnett moves non-stop.
  • Doc Rivers rarely sits down.
  • The Celtics are preparing for the playoffs already by playing their bench at every opportunity. Powe?

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.