Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here I Go Again!

Catch the Q Train at noon! Thom's Trivia Maven John Quinn will be interviewed on Voice America Radio today talking about the Sox!

If you're like me there's a part of you that hopes that the Sox drop two to the Yankees again. Why? Have I gone bananas? Am I soft?

That little glimmer of hope the Yankees had last week when they beat the Sox that was then crushed when they proceeded to lose 5 straight was so doggone satisfying. To have Youk's streak still alive and the Cap'n's gone; to have Beckett and Petitte have basically the same ERA and to have dramatically different records; to have the radio updates say, "The Yankees gained a game on the Red Sox" when they mean they're 13.5 back and tied for last with Tampa who also "gained a game" is all almost worth losing 2 of 3 if it means the Yankees will lose 5 straight again. Almost. Let's just sweep them and get this over with.

As always we'll have all the games this weekend and all the specials: $4 Thom's Ale by Harpoon, and $4 Spaceman Ale by Magic Hat.

Tonight come meet Andy Wasif, author of "How To Talk To A Yankee Fan" and creator of "Red Sox University" on NESN. He'll be signing books and talking about his experiences with the Red Sox during the game. By the time you leave you'll know "How To Talk To A Yankee Fan."

The Monster is back!
Come meet son of Newton, Seth Mnookin, author of "Feeding The Monster" at Professor Thom's on Thursday June 14th. He's been signing books and talking about his unlimited access working with the Red Sox.

Teabag Party
The next installment of the hit show "Boston Teabag Party" featuring the best comedians from Boston in New York will be June 21. Get your tickets now!

Coming soon
A screening of "Impossible to Forget", the film about the '67 Sox. Filmmaker Brett Rapkin (Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey) will be in attendance for this film that had scenes shot at Thom's!

Thommies in the News
Portsmouth, NH's own and devout Thommy, Stephanie Gaskell gave up her comfy bar stool at Thom's for a while for a flak jacket in Iraq. She decided Thom's needed a correspondent in the Middle East.

Here's her first two stories:

Thommy Rick Field is famous for jarring his pickle. So it's no surprise that The Boston Globe would want to do a story about Rick's Picks:

I dont know where I'm going

But, I sure know where Ive been

Hanging on the promises

In songs of yesterday

An I've made up my mind,

I aint wasting no more time

But, here I go again


...If You Ain't Got That Ring.