Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Not A Fan of LaRussa

When last we met, Joe Torre was just about to announce that he was staying on as Manager for the Yankees by royal edict of King George. Of course, we didn't actually hear from Georgie himself; more and more his announcements and pronouncements have been spoken through, well, a spokesmen.

I think the Old Grey Merde just ain't what he used to be. Just this year you could see the previously unseen on the Yankees: Damon and Giambi would go days without shaving. Days! Hair became unkempt. The Yankees increasingly looked less Yankee-like. Yet, Joe Torre retained his job, this despite getting the olde reverse sweep from the upstart Tigers. In fact, in the last 5 years the Yankees have lost three straight games to get knocked out of the playoffs 4 times. The only time they didn't lose 3 straight they got knocked out in the first round. That's incredible. What is it about Torre that he can't stop his team from sliding?

Of course, with Joe back everyone assumes that Slappy has to go. But whither? The radio jocks have jumped on Pinella's signing on with the Cubs and all but shipped A-Rod off to Chicago themselves. But, for him to go that would mean Steinbrenner admitting that he made a mistake. Personally, I hope he stays; it would just be no fun without him.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice...

I'm sure Theo and Trio are sitting down with the Globe staff to write a new way to get Manny out of towne and replace him with some undervalued, underappreciated superstar like Eric Byrnes. We have no closer, no right-fielder, maybe no left-fielder. What are we left with?


Remember how much fun it was to root against the Cardinals just 2 years ago? Well, you can relive those glory days because the Cardinals are back in the World Series. Come watch Rolen swing and miss as he battles spherophobia (fear of balls). Come watch Suppan stumble around third base. Come watch Edmunds (who hasn't the slightest spherophobia) make the most incredible over the shoulder catch only to hurt his arm and be rendered ineffective at the plate. Come scream "Trotter" at the TVs; scream "Pokey"; scream "Ground ball stabbed by Foulke". Come relive-OK I think I've gone over the deep end.

Just come watch a nice baseball series between the Tigers and the Cardinals starting tonight.

We have Smuttynose Pumpkin on tap and we're 9 days from Next Monday's Clamapalooza.

"...Red Sox fans have longed to hear..."

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.