Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thom's Baby Thom's

What is wrong with me that I watch "Gone Baby Gone" and actually miss home? It's a violent, disturbing movie that is set in an ugly, ugly place. That being said, I couldn't help but feel a bit of heimatweh. It's probably the first film to represent Boston with some honesty since that scene on the Charles in the snow in "The Last Detail" or the street hockey scene in "Monument Ave." or the whole "The Friends of Eddie Coyle".

So, for the next couple weeks I'll be posting on the blog some nostalgic YouTube clips that I remember growing up in the Athens of America. ("I can walk like a penguin.") If anyone out there has a suggestion or some 8 mm film of me bowling at Sammy White's drop me a line. (Check out my YouTube page for more clips.)

During the whole film, instead of paying attention to important plot lines, I watched Casey Affleck's Celtics jacket and couldn't help but think I was missing the Boston/Detroit game?

No matter what the Celtics do they still don't get the respect they deserve. When they beat ALL of the teams in the West without losing a game I heard, "Well, what would happen in a 7 game series?" After last night's win against Detroit I heard on ESPN, "Well the Celtics shouldn't have shown the Pistons what they're capable of. Now the Pistons will adjust come playoff time." What? All they do is win. They clinched the playoffs quicker than the Pats did- Ok, bad example. I won't do that again. I promise. It's that damn movie that put me a bit off-kilter. I've been having flashbacks of Hano Street all day.

Need a pick-me-up now? How about this: The Sox are on ESPN at 1pm today. They're playing the Dodgers. You know, Nomar, Lowe, Torre, those Dodgers. Time for a liquid lunch!

Shipping Off to Boston?
If you're going to Boston this weekend stop by the bar first. We have free passes to Harpoon's St. Patrick's Day parties this weekend. They're behind the bar.

a pedestrian foot bridge covers turnpike
I read all of the spray paint from my bike
down the slope, look left and right
I once fell down and almost died
but I've taken hits to the head before
and always made it back to my front door
"All Hands On Hano Street" by The Stairs

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.