Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Flowers

Well, it's taking a little longer than I thought for reality to set in. Either Papelbon needs some maintenance on his positronic matrix or he's just human after all.

Nah! Our favorite automaton CLOSER 5000 will be back in form very soon. So don't fret. In the meantime come by Thom's to enjoy all of the Sox games. Now that the Yankees are off the schedule for a little while it will be easier to get a seat.

And, just when you thought it was safe to block out the out-of-town announcers, Ka(y)reoke is back. Ka(y)reoke started last season when we were sick of listening to the Yankees announcers, so we let you take the mic and call the game live for an inning. Every Tuesday that the Sox are on the road you'll get your chance at play-by-play. Hosted by John Quinn, get there early and sign up for your slot.

Also at Thom's

Thursday, May 3rd
Let the Professor school you on exotic beer and rich cheeses at our first of many future Monthly Tasting Classes at the Professor's Loft. From 7-9pm at the Loft, get a taste of over 15 types of Craft Beer and Saxelby Cheeses plus a mystery Cask beer! Tickets are still available. Email petelevin@mac.com or call the Loft at 917.421.9678 for tickets or more information.

Everybody Wins
Huh! Everybody loses! I have the displeasure to inform you all that nobody at Thom's will be throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game anytime soon. We did our best though. With your help we raised $1000 for the charity. And 10 regulars will receive gift certificates and T-shirts. Thank you.

Good luck to Thom's regular Stephanie Gaskell who gave up her cosy digs at The Post to go report on the war in Iraq. I hope when you come back the Sox are still in first. It's the least they could do.

And try to catch another regular, Randy Ingram, performing with jazz vocalist and composer Julie Hardy live at the Cornelia Street Cafe Thursday, May 10th. Sets at 8:30pm and 10:00pm$10 cover.

Knee deep in flowers will stray, we'll keep the showers away.

And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight, will you pardon me?

Come tiptoe through the tulips with me!

-Al Dubin and Joe Burke

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.