Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rain Out

So you think you got it bad getting $3 Harpoons during Sox games? You could be a Chinese man in Rome paying $1200 for a crappy beer. (Why didn't he just order wine?)

Rome tourist parched after $1,200 beer.

The beat goes on and the $3 Harpoon continues to pour (for now). We'll be introducing new specials soon. Come on in for the rest of the Toronto series and the Orioles series this weekend.

The bad news is the second Yankee game got rained out, the great news is that means we swept the series! Hazar!

That was by far the best so game this year. With all of the T-shirt, hat, and beer give-aways I hope you left with more than you came with. If not, than it all starts over next week.
The Sox come to town Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But, first we're trying to bring the cast of "YES Network's Ultimate Roadtrip" to Thom's on Monday night for our weekly trivia challenge. It will be Sox fans versus Yankees fans in their town, but on our turf. Come cheer on some of the leading Sox experts this side of the East River and stay for Trivia night where you could win gift certificates to use during the Yankee series.
Also, we need your help. What would be the appropriate punishment for the ultimate Yankee fans that lose to our boys?

"Hands, touching hands, reaching outTouching me, touching you"
-Neil Leslie Diamond

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.