Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can You Dig It?

No tickets for the game tomorrow? Come to Thom’s. Why? Why?

Well, David Laurila will be there signing copies of his book “Interviews From Red Sox Nation” featuring “over 100 interviews with a wide range of people associated with Red Sox baseball past and present.”

And, in case that’s not enough how about the 4th installment in the series we like to call Red Sox/Yankees?

Yes, the ex-con’s shirt has been excavated. Hanky panky went from denial to forking over $50k to dig up the shirt that supposedly didn’t exist. And now the Steinbrainners want Gino from the Bronx (First time long time) to cover their costs.

While they’re at it, why don’t they get Gino to pay for Kei Igawa’s contract or how about Posada’s contract? Maybe Gino could dig up some experience for Ian Kennedy and a haircut for Bruney. So, much for that “Yankee look”. And, since they’re asking the authorities to look into charges against Gino why don’t they look into how an ex-con with mob ties gets hired to an $88/hour job building the new shrine?

Oh, it’s going to be ugly in the Bronx these next two days. The Sox are coming off of two huge 9th inning wins in Cleveland. The only rivalry in baseball is alive and well.

Blessed: Still We Believe 2

Look for a special Thom’s screening of the newest Red Sox film around the 15th of May. This will be the only New York showing of the film featuring so many Thommies.

Following that we’ll be doing a special screening of Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation by Peter Nash. Peter is also opening a new Red Sox bar in Boston. If you’re in Boston for the marathon, be sure to stop by.

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I can dig it He can dig it
She can dig it We can dig it
They can dig it You can dig it
Ohhhh, let's dig it,
Can you dig it, baby


...If You Ain't Got That Ring.