Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Two-Fer at Thom's Tonight

It turns out I could have gone to Harvard after all. All I had to do was apply myself and be a little more creative like this guy, the Al Stump of undergrads. My problem was always telling the truth and doing my own work and getting turned down by colleges. Who knew?

Who cares about a phony-baloney intellectual? We got a real bona fide philosopher at Thom’s tonight. Who is this Nietzsche of the local Nine? The Descartes of the Diamond? The Santayana of the Sox? Glad you asked. It’s none other than a Thommy, Michael Macomber, author of “The Red Sox and Philosophy”. This heady tome even has a chapter about Professor Thom’s! Meet the author tonight at Thom’s. He’ll be doing a reading around 6 pm and selling the books all night long.

Tonight is a Two-fer.

First at 7 pm, the Sox take on the Yankees in a, ahm, oh I can’t even talk about it. Someone just please get Tim Wakefield a win. I thought when he went to the bullpen that it was the best way for him to get wins, since the Sox blow so many leads. But last night...He needs just 18 wins to be the Sox all-time winningest pitcher and 5 home wins to have the most ever at Fenway Park. Somebody help the man out.

At 8:30 The Celtics show off their own version of Run Prevention when they attempt to once again shut down Orlando’s fast break (Oops. That was Orlando's break fast). Game One was typical Celts: Three quarters of blow-out basketball, then came Act IV and the Celts began a tragic performance nearly blowing a mighty lead. In the end it was a road win to start the series and shift the home court advantage to the good guys.

In Game Two we should see the same game plan. Rondo will defend the point well enough to make early entry passes to Howard difficult. And the offense will go through Ray Allen, the forgotten man on the wing. If Ray can hit, forget it.

More Thommies in the News:

Going to be in Boston tomorrow? Stop by the team store on 19 Yawkey Way to meet Bill Lee at the reading and signing for “Cardboard Gods”.

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On This Day:

1912 - Historic Fenway Park in Boston is officially dedicated, as the Red Sox host the Chicago White Sox . Playing in front of an overflow crowd, the Red Sox lose the game, 5 - 2.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.