Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Spaceman Cometh

Well, it's December, so the Patriots must be banged up again. The latest on the list? Laurence Maroney. Bony Maroney has a bum back, but is probable. Rodney Harrison isn't back yet. Eugene Wilson is out for the year joining starters Junior Seau and Randall Gay on the IR. And, Vrabel gave us a heart attack when he went down on the last play of the game last week. So? So, we still have to squish the fish this Sunday at 1pm. They just lost their running back and still have Joey Harrington at QB. Look for Asante to get 9 interceptions. That's right. You heard it here first, 9.
Join us Tuesday December 12th as the legendary pitcher Bill Lee joins the folks at Thom's to celebrate his 60th birthday. The night will feature a screening of "Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey " SpaceMan Ale by Magic Hat, steamers, and autographed materials for raffle.
Proceeds will go to charity.
Also scheduled to attend: High Times Magazine. (Go figure.)
And, don't forget it's his birthday, so try to bring a present. Show some freaking class, will ya.

Stick around after the event because The Q will be doing Spaceman themed trivia for prizes. (There'll be a sneak peek in the next newsletter.)

Warning: Do not leave Thom's drunk and attempt to tackle a news box. You will wind up in New York Magazine. Or, was David Cross just working on a bit? It seems that the Boston trained (he did about a week at Emerson) actor can't get enough of that olde towne atmosphere.

Far from the crowd, he's the day watchman.
Walk past the trees he used to swing from.
What bothers the spaceman?
The teeth in his head?
I'm sure he could smile for us.
Wave to the people out on the lawn.
Mr. Ellis and Mr. Lee.Mr. Lee and me.
What bothers the spaceman?
What's left for him now?
I'm sure he could smile for us.
Lee Lee Lee Lee etc.
-Mono Puff

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.