Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mussina Will Not Get 20 Wins. Pesky. And the Guvna.

Play-Offs! Playoffs. The Sox begin their October ritual next week when they probably take on the Los Angeles Angels Angels in the first round of the PLAYOFFS. But, first they have to settle an old score.

The Yankees come to Boston this weekend giving us one more chance to boo them in the “Kick ‘em When They’re Down” series. The finale-and loudest boos-will be Sunday when Mike “The Muse” Mussina tries to win his 20th game for the first time in his career. You heard it hear first: Jeff Bailey will hit 4 homeruns off of Mussina. and the Sox will win by 37.

Seriously though, the Sox need a big series this weekend to build a bit of momentum for the post-season. I think that’s why they’ve decided-out of the blue-to finally retire the number of the longest standing member of the company, Johnny Pesky.

On Saturday a legend of the Olde Towne team will have his number 6 retired just beyond the pole named for him. Pesky has spent much of the last 66 years working for the Sox in some capacity. And, the teammate that Teddy called “Needle Nose” has been an inspiration the entire time. When the announcement of Saturday’s ceremony reached the current Sox team the reaction was impressive. “We’re going to do it for Johnny” was immediately adopted as the creed that would lead us once again to the promise land and a trophy party at Thom’s. Thank you Needle Nose.

And finally, not to upstage Johnny Pesky, but another New England hero ended his career this week when Troy Brown officially retired from the NFL. In his time with the Pats Brown did absolutely everything he was called on to do and did it well.

More Thom's Foolery
Last night former Sox personality Tina Cervasio had a charity event in midtown where she raised money for Garden of Dreams. If you missed it and still would like to help support the cause click here to donate. Harpoon Brewery will be holding its annual Octoberfests in Boston and Vermont. If you want free tickets we got them behind the bar. Just ask. And, yours truly has been honored by the Red Sox by being named the first NY Governor of RSN. I couldn't have done it without you. Come in Sunday night for a small inaugeral party.

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