Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The NFL Network is om at Thom's.

Tonight at Thom's

The higher powers at the NFL have decided that only those with NFL Network may watch the Dallas/Greenbay battle for the NFC tonight. Don't they realize that like no one in NYC gets the NFL Network? Sheesh! Well, I have good news. The game will be on at Thom's. So, don't worry about going home after work; come straight to Thom's, have dinner and enjoy the game. As a bonus we'll also be showing the Celtics against the clown princes of the court, The NY Knicks.

Let's see. Is there anything else going on in Boston Sports?

Well, where do we start? Bobby Orr is nude. How's that for an opening? Just when you thought the public was losing interest in the sport. Now that's what I call Old Time Hockey.

The Spaceman Bill Lee isn't allowed in America and frankly is ok with it. According to The NY Daily News he said, "I never thought the U.S. government would send me to heaven prematurely, but maybe I'm destined to live in Canada." (Does this mean no more Spaceman visits to Professor Thom's?)
The Patsies got all the haters out in full force when they almost lost to the Eagles last Sunday night. The pundits are dubbing the loss a "Blueprint to beat the Patriots." But, will super genius Brian Billick follow that plan Monday Night when the Pats take on the Ravens? Or, will he eschew it in favor of his own genius? I 'spect the latter. Either way come out Monday for Clamapalooza V: The Clamcake. We'll be serving our version of Rhode Island style clamcakes during the game. So, everybody wins.

Dr. Charles "The Dentist" Steinberg, former head of PR for the Sox has announced that he will not return to the team next year. Steinberg is heading out to LA "to accept a top front-office position with the Los Angeles Dodgers".

With the doctor out can Larry be far behind? Some are already speculating that Steinberg's exit might signal an eventual exit by Lucchino too. One would think that this would leave Theo squarely in charge to run the team how he wishes.

Also in the rumor mill is talks of Johna Santana going to Boston for a slew of Sox. How are the New York media reacting to this? Apparently it would be"[T]he end of baseball as we have come to know it around here." I got news for you Mr. Matthews, that happened years ago.

Speaking of NY media, have you ever wanted to meet Michael Kay? For the 3 of you that answered yes you can catch him at Hooters next week during the Jets/Miami supermatch.
And finally, the rumor to end all rumors: I have it on good authority that the Red Sox 2007 World Series trophy will be making a stop at Thom's in the near future. details to follow.
That calls for a pot shot at Kay:

If you see Kay,

Tell him he may.

See you in tea,

Tell him from me.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.