Friday, May 01, 2009

The Story of The Hurricanes.

This is the story of the Hurricanes. The men that Lucic came to maim, for something Hartford never won. Put in a hockey hell, but one time they could have been champions of the woooooorld.

No, the Whalers never won the Cup. But, as soon as they moved to that hockey mecca that is North Carolina they began to dominate and eventually win.  Forget them, Whalers fans, forget them.

There will be no Brass Bonanza this week. Gordie Howe is not walking through that door.  I am sorry to inform all you die-hard Hartford fans that these are not your father’s WhalersThe Whale is dead. And, just in case it’s not, we got some hard-core Portuguese guys from New Bedford at the bar to finish it often.

Yes, the Broons have finally got a round 2 opponent and its name is The Hurricanes.  So you’d better believe that all of New England and New Orleans will get behind the Black and Gold against this menacing meteorological phenomenon starting Friday night at the Garden at 7:30.  I can smell the Cup now. (oops!) We expect a huge crowd at Thom’s.

That’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves because tonight the Sox take on the Devil Rays of Tampa/St. Pete and the Celts take on the Bulls in game 6. Both start at 7 p.m.  Two games tonight!

Last night the Sox got back to their winning ways with a 10th inning homerun by one of their everyman minor leaguers.  Meanwhile the Celts find themselves one win away of getting by the Bulls.  Huge night! But wait. There’s more.

At the same time in The Loft our favorite local Welshman that hangs out at Thom’s and wears glasses will be performing an acoustic set upstairs.  Feel free to wander up between innings and at the half.

A three game set against the Rays should get us through the weekend especially with a possible Game 7 Celts game Saturday and another Bruins game Sunday night

Then on Monday the Sox visit the House that Loot built for the first time. You know what that means?  They’ll finally have a sellout.  Psst,  Sox fans travel.  Ah Yankee Stadium: expensive seats, cheap homeruns (copyright Adam Liscombe).

During Game 1 Monday night we’ll be having a fund raiser for the Jimmy Fund with all the proceeds to be donated in the name of John Carroll (check the huge framed poster of the front pages from the Sox’ 2004 victory). There will be a $1 donation at the door.Thank you in advance for your support. 

And, Tuesday before the game the BLOHARDS will be having their semi-annual Sox luncheon featuring a Sox player to be named later.  Tickets are still available.

More Thom’s Foolery

There have been a lot of people at the bar lately lamenting the fact that we don’t play Madonna music anymore during A-Rod at bats.  And, the tic tac joke never really caught on.  What’s a serious Sox fan to do?  Enter “Bitch Tits”. Well, well, well, what could we do with this.  Please come back soon B-Tits. Please! (And, thank you “Daily News”.)

Lucic could take a man out with just one punch.
But, he never did like to talk about it all that much.
”Its my work”, he’d say, “and I do it for pay.
And when its over, I’d just as soon go on my way.”
Up to some
Where the trout streams flow and the air is nice.
And ride a horse along a trail.

-Adapted from Robert Zimmerman

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.