Friday, March 21, 2008

Land of the Rising Sun and Sinking Fastball.

SANPU (1647-1732)
First cherry blossoms,
a cuckoo, the moon and snow:
another year closes

Closes? That's right winter is ovah! Are you ready for some besubaru? Well, BANZAI! プレイボール!
The Sox kick off their adventure in Edo tonight in the first of two exhibitions against Japanese clubs before they go for the real thing on Tuesday. The great news is that opening day against the A's is at 6 am! I told you that we would be showing all of the games. (Of course, since the bar isn't legally open, this will be a private party and you are invited.)

Phew. Finally, baseball before work. There's nothing worse than going to the grind sober and baseball-free. Well, no more. Why didn't they think of this before? Next Tuesday and Wednesday the World Champion Sox will be on at Thom's once again. Get there early for a seat. What's early? If you ask nicely we'll lock you in the night before.

In honor of the Samurai Sox we will be serving kobe beef hot dogs on special all weekend in addition to Smuttynose Hanami Ale. Smuttynose, a New England brewer, named this beer in honor of the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing in Japan. So, obviously, we're into it. (Here's a quick Japanese lesson.)
Contest Time!
Whoever sends me the best Haiku appropriate to the Sox trip to Japan will win a special prize.

I know. I know. It's tournament time, March Madness. Yeah, and the Celts are kicking some serious butt. But, I can't help but get giddy about the return of the cherry blossoms-I mean baseball. I'll see you Tuesday morning.

Cherry blossoms are blooming;
Pink, sweet, and fragrant;
They grow high around the temple wall.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.