Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thrivalry Thursday

What a day for a day game…Now I’m lost in a day game…

It’s Thrivalry Thursday. The Sox have a matinee today against the Devil Rays. And, since none of you are working due to the holiday you should be at Thom’s. Happy hour starts when the doors open at 12. So, by game time at 1:35 you can be sufficiently pickled for Passover. Why not. We have rivalries all over the place today.

Everyone knows the Devil Rays have replaced the Yankees as the Sox chief rival, so the Yankees needed a new one. In walked the Orioles. Perfect! Think about it: The Yankees originally played in Baltimore moving to New York in 19aught3. Ruth was born in Baltimore and played for the Orioles. How’s that for a curse. More? Jeffrey Maier. What about the boy who grew up in Baltimore a “Yankee fan”: Mark “The Mole” Teixeiraii. The only decent Yankees broadcaster, Ken Singleton, is in the Orioles Hall of Fame. And, “The Wire” is better than “NYPD Blue”. (Why the hell does tough New York cop Sipowicz speak with a Chicago accent?) So there it is, a new rivalry. And, they play today at 1:35. Have a blast.

Meanwhile, Thrivalry Thursday picks up again at 7 pm with the Bruins taking on the Habs. Then at 8:30 it’s the battle of states with gay marriage when BU takes on Vermont in the Frozen Four.

Don’t forget that tickets to Luis Tiant’s film "“The Lost Son of Havana” are on sale now.

And you can be sure that if you're feeling right
A daydream will last long into the night
Tomorrow at breakfast you may pick up your ears
Or you may be daydreaming for a thousand years

-John Sebastian

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.