Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Ought To Be In Pictures...

Go to YouTube or click above to see the footage of the NESN piece that aired in Boston a couple weeks ago, all the more reason to be at Thom's every Tuesday night. (As if Trivia with John "The Q" Quinn wasn't enough.)

The Sox have begun the Fall cleaning that usually accompanies a disappointing season. Pitching coach Dave Wallace is gone and hitting coach Ron Jackson got fired when he couldn't get Wily Mo to stop swinging. Trot's probably not coming back and if the Gordon Edes media machine has its way Manny won't be either. (Maybe they can get Buck Showalter to play left field.) Meanwhile, one former sox farm hand after another prospers. Check out the this Globe interview where Theo discusses some of last season's trades.

The good news is that the Patriots are back on track after thumping Cincinnati. Come to Thom's this Sunday and watch the Patsies battle the Dolphins. "Squish the Fish!"

Also, come by Thom's this weekend and check the opening of the second floor.

We'll have all of the baseball playoffs, and college and pro football. We'll even have our own beer made by Harpoon soon.

And, don't forget Clamapalooza at the end of October.


"I want to make sure Tom Brady knows that, although I'm no longer with the Red Sox, I'll always be his personal hitting coach and he can come take B.P. with me anytime."
-Ron "Papa Jack" Jackson "A Letter To Boston Fans"

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.