Thursday, July 31, 2008

Politics, Movies, and Goodbyes

We are but one week away from the New York premiere of the movie staring you and your favorite Red Sox bar: "Blessed! Still We Believe 2". That's right. August 7 at 8 o'clock we will be screening the number one Red Sox movie filmed at Professor Thom's (no offense intended to "Impossible to Forget"). more info

Come on, admit it. You've seen it on "The Daily Show". You've heard tell of it at the barber shop. You know that something important is going on. Alright, I'll spell it out for you. The gubernatorial elections for Red Sox Nation are under way. That's right, vote early and often (10 times) for your New York representative and make Professor Thom's the Governor's mansion. Click here for more info on my candidacy.
Here's how it's judged and how I replied:
  • Enthusiasm for The Boston Red Sox coupled with knowledge of the Club's history, values, and current challenges - 25% I think the Sox are pisser and have been forever. It would be a challenge to be more pisserer.
  • Creativity of submission - 25% I wrote it in 64 different crayola crayons. 64!
  • Understanding of social climate of U.S. state of residence - 25% It ain't easy.
  • Number of endorsements received on fan support page - 25% Have I mentioned the beer specials?

Without further ado here's the state of the nation:

Manny rumors continue to swirl as the Sox swoon. In the wake of three straight poor pitching performances by Manny Ramirez it looks like the slugger's tenure in Boston might come to an end sooner than later. The only question that remains is will he go into the Hall of Fame as a Marlin?

Good news from the Celtics' camp: Paul Pierce is the best basketball player in the world according to Paul Pierce: "No creo que Kobe sea el mejor, el mejor soy yo. Hay una línea que separa tener confianza en uno mismo de ser presuntuoso. Yo no traspaso esa línea pero tengo mucha confianza en mí." There you have it.

The Patsies signed Lamont "You big dummy" Jordan out from the nose of Al Davis who only agreed to release Jordan if he didn't sign with the Pats. This is some great news for Pats fans. Jordan was a highly sought after free agent just a couple of years ago. But, can he play corner back?

And the Broons have done diddly-squat for many moons. The good news is they recently signed two minor leaguers! There's always next year.

We belong together
And you that I’m right
Why do you play with my head,
Why do you play with my mind?
Maybe I’ll forgive you, hmm
Maybe you’ll try
We should be happy together
Forever, you and i
-Kenneth Edmonds

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.