Thursday, June 15, 2006

Interleague is Nigh.

First of all thanks to everone that came out Tuesday for the Ka(y)reoke play-by-play. It was a great crowd. As annoying as Michael Kay is, the Twins' announcers were worse. At least we can root against Kay. The Twins' guys just put us to sleep, until you took the mike. We had all age groups and all of the sexes covered. We even broadcasted in two languages. And, look for it all in the pages of "New York Magazine" in the next two weeks, thanks to writer CJ Hughs.

Yes another periodical was there to see what we're up to. (Unfortunately, what we're upto is giving up grand slams in the 13th inning.) Christ, it looks like I'm starting to out media whore the media whores! "Savoir faire is everywhere".

The Ka(y)reoke is going to happen every Tuesday that the Sox are on the road. We're even going to start giving prizes to the best duo.

The dreaded Twinkies will be in the rearview mirror soon and the hated Braves will be our first interleague victim. Yes, it's our former nemisis from across Comm. Ave. As many of you know the Braves were the original Boston Red Sox, and haven't stoped teasing us about it since they stopped wearing Red Socks in 1907. Alright, there is no rivalry between these two teams and never was. The closest we came to one was 1948 when the Indians beat the Sox in a playoff game and then Braves in The World Series. How mortifying! Otherwise they have the distinction of having been Ruth's first and last teams. But, come out anyway and root for the Red Sox against the Braves at least as a warm up for the Mets series.

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a Hit!

Starting this Tuesday we'll be doing Ka(y)reoke play-by-play every Tuesday. Come on in for tomorrow's 8:00 game versus the hated Minnesota Twins!

Harpoon IPA and Summer will be $3 during the game and Harpoon Saison will be $5 while supplies last.

Also, we'll be giving away two 12 packs of Harpoon UFO this week. Just buy a 20 oz of UFO to enter the contest.

Don't forget you can sign up online for the play-by-play.

Again, we are showing all of the World Cup games, just please don't tell Welsh Sox Fan the scores.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.