Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Do you ever get the feeling that A-Rod owns himself in fantasy basbeball?

His homerun last night in the ninth reminded me of a Saturday in early February 1978. Sammy White's Bowling Lanes was closed due to the fact that their roof caved in from too much snow, but somehow, "Candlepins for Cash" was still on the air. (I guess the Wal-Lex had better builders.) Anyway, some shlub named Dave DiStefano was down 32 pins to Dennis McHugh going into the last frame. He was sure to lose when the RED PIN showed up! If DiStefano got a strike on the "Red Pin Frame" he would win a shit load of money. (A couple of sawbucks, I think. I was 5 years old, $20 was a lot of money!) The show's host Bob Gamere did his best Michael Kay impression trying to rev up the crowd as DiStefano tossed his meaningless blue-swirl ball for a money making strike. In the end DiStefano lost the game, though. I think he's at Walpole now for pulling a guy out of his car on the Mass. Ave. Bridge. I miss those tonic machines that spit out a cup, then syrup, then soda water. What the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah, Bob Gamere was pretty cool.

The End.

(Bob Gamere, now)

Anyway the Sox won last night and many of you (3) won prizes. They'll be more fun tonight.

Thanks to Stephanie for our mention in her great NY Post article and her adeptness at pulling a raffle ticket.
Just when I thought I had the scoop on the Post piece one of our resident bloggers, John Q. Redsocksphan, sent me his take on Jim's omnipresence. Check it out.

Which reminds me: Got a blog? Send it in and I'll send them out in an all blog e-mail.

NEWS FLASH! Gary Sheffield was stopped at the tolls in Weston for running the Fast Lane. He's on his way to Walpole (Sorry, MCI Cedar Junction for you Walpole residents) to share a cell with DiStefano.

Come on and zoom, zoom, zoom-a zoom!
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Everybody's havin' a ball, yeah!
So would you zoom, zoom, zoom-a zoom?
Come on and zoom-a zoom-a zoom-a zoom!
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