Monday, June 19, 2006

The Bats Are Back.

Congratulations to Kim Rossi, the winner of our Harpoon UFO raffle. Kim already took home a UFO glass on Thursday and now has a 12-pack waiting for her at the bar. This promotion isn't ending. Buy a UFO in a 20 oz glass and take the glass home with your second UFO.

The Sox finished a three game sweep of the Braves last night in fantastic fashion. We're in first place. It's good to know that when our pitchers falter the bats will be there to pick them up. We continue our tour of the NL East tonight with a series opener against one of our favorite teams: The Nationals.

Washington (Oops, sorry. Wrong Washington.) But, the Nat's did go "Boom, boom" They had back to back victories as against the Yankees in late innings, including a walk-off homerun against Wang yesterday by Zimmerman. (Oops, again. Wrong Zimmerman. I just can't these links right.)

Come out for our usual specials and give aways. And, stick around after the game tonight for Trivia with our new host John Q. Red Sox fan.
Wednesdays are Bingo nights. Come in and watch the Sox and play Bingo. Now that's America.

As the inter-league goes on, look ahead to the Mets next week. We'll be hosting an event with Rick's Picks.

We are still showing all of the World Cup games, too. So, come sit with Welsh Sox fan and keep him company, please.

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