Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Old Grey Mare...

Did a tear come to your eye when he took the mound?
Was it strange to see him in another team's uniform?
Were you conflicted just for a moment?
Did you surprise yourself with a vulnerable moment that led to an uncomfortable embrace by a stranger?

If you're anything like me then the answer to all of the above is "Yes". Because, last night a former Red Sox pitcher and fan favorite took the mound at Fenway Park for the visiting team.

Of course, I'm referring to Darren Oliver. For one glorious year in 2002 Darren Oliver pitched to a spectacular 4 and 5 record with flashes of his brilliant 11 and 11 season in Texas in 2001. I could see the tears in his eyes as he sat in the bullpen receiving a standing ovation from the fans at Fenway as the Mets starter walked to the mound. (I think I just shorted out my tilde key with a salty tear.)

The warmth in the room at Thom's last night was overwhelming as former Sox pitcher after former Sox pitcher came to the mound and got shellacked. 11 in a row baby!

Come out to Thom's tonight for the last game of the Mets series and see hometown boy Tommy Glavine (Billerica) take the mound at Fenway for what will likely be his last time.

We still have some Narragansett swag to give away.

Larry Brown at Thom's?

Ever read a Yankees blog?

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