Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sign Up!

They asked the pitching to stretch it a little bit. And stretch it they did. Two straight 1-0 games! that was the first time the Sox did that since 1990 and the first time at home since 1916.

Ah 1916, I remember it well.It was a leap year I believe. The whole world was united in a common cause, war. Woodrow Wilson was president. Horton Foote was born. Rasputin died. And the Sox won the title against those pesky Robins from Brooklyn. In Game 2 Ruth pitched 14 innings giving up one run for the win. I knew that Ruth kid would be something someday.

The Sox are going west for a little while, so if you find yourself having trouble sleeping come on in to Thom's for some late night games.

Ok, that's all the good stuff. The bad news is that Jim's letter from the Red Sox still hasn't been returned, so we'll have to come up with something else. Stay tuned for a chance to sign the next thing that goes up on the wall.

Also, as many of you requested, we'll be sending a "get well" card to Gammons. Anyone that has any ideas for what exactly to send e-mail me or put it on the comments page of the blog. I'll make it available to sign at the bar next week.

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine
Quiet thought come floating down
And settle softly to the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories,
Sweet memories
(words & music by bill strange - scott davis)

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