Monday, August 28, 2006

The Beat Goes On...

The slide continues, and the sad thing is that the Yankees keep losing too. The division is ours to be had. Instead, we wallow...

The good news is that New England is fine. I just got back from a 5 state adventure that brought me through Corinth, Vermont, North Woodstock and North Conway, Vermont, Raymond, Portland, and Wells, Maine, Woburn and Boston, Massachusettes, and Darien, Conn. I had fried clams, mahogany clams, and steamers- Plenty of oysters too. I had lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and lobsters. I had Vermont and New Hampshire Maple Syrup.

No one there is panicking, so we have to stay the course. If you have time, try a Geary's Summer Ale. Mmm mmm good.

Come on in tonight for John Quinn's Trivia Night. Match wits with the master and win prizes.
Every Wednesday is Bingo Night. Come in and win shots from Jim.

Thank You to everyone who bought raffle tickets to raise money for the Buddy Walk.
Special thanks to those who donated things to be raffled:

Horton Foote of Tavern on Jane Restaurant
The Boston Red Sox
Jim Rice and Bob Montgomery
Rick Field of Rick's Picks
Colin Reddy (Adam Vinateri football)
Gold's Gym
Beehive Beer Distributers
Alexis Welby and Seth Mnookin (Feeding The Monster)
Andy Wasif (How To Talk To A Yankee Fan)
Marty Katz at SKI Beer

Don't forget, Seth Mnookin, author of "Feeding The Monster" will be at Thom's on September 14.


Suldog said...

Two in a row over the Chisox! Keep the faith!

Ennis said...

Ahh yeah. The Geary's.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.