Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Beat Goes On

One game down and 18 to go. The boo birds that were asking for Joe Torre's head last year will surely be back if he keeps managing like he did last night. Of course last night's win was meaningless at this point in the season. After all, in 1999 the Sox dominated the Yankees during the season 8-4, then got dominated themselves for the pennant. But, the role reversal that I first documented last year is progressing nicely. The poles are shifting. Don't worry, Al Gore; the Earth is safe. This is baseball:

More and more last season as the year closed, Yankee fans were talking about the batting title for Jeter and, after the season, how he deserved the MVP because of his average. Where are the days of rings? When has gone the time when individual awards were nothing next to a "Ring"? Those individual awards were once the solace of Red Sox fans and their many Cy Young Awards and batting titles, but no championships.

Now, we find ourselves in the middle of an A-Rod explosion and all of the media of New York is aflutter with the possibility of the "best year ever". But, the Yankees are in third place. While Michael Kay bemoans the Red Sox' loss of Alex Gonzalez at shortstop for the "barely acceptable" defense of Julio Lugo, he misses what has happened to the Yankees in general since 2000.

Like the Yankees once did, the Red Sox have gotten improbable performances from otherwise underwhelming players like Bill Mueller, Todd Walker, and Hideki Okajima (see Scott Brosius, Chuck Knoblauch, and Jim Leyritz) on their way to winning the 2004 title. While the Yankees stack their line up with All-stars, the Sox are overpaying for neverbeens.

What does any of this mean? Not a god damned thing. The Sox will probably still be battling for the Wild Card in September. The Yankees still will finish first in the division. So, on to the levity:

I think my father, in his advancing age, is losing grasp of his beloved Red Sox (actually he grew up a Braves fan). While complaining about Varitek yesterday on the phone he said, "Christ, his back up's hitting better than him. What's his name? Clarabella? The guy who catches for the guy who throws goofballs." Senility? Clarity! What's the difference what his name is. If he hits play him. Goofballs? That's just too much.

A lot of you have been sending video lately so, it's time to share:

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Cockshut approaches and with it another Sox/Yankees game.

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