Friday, May 25, 2007

The Night The Lights Went Out.

If a blog is written on a holiday weekend will anyone read it?

Ahh philosophy, from the greek word μαλάκας. It's what makes baseball a cerebral pursuit.

Tuesday was the time to be at Thom's! (Ahh, alliteration from the greek word Malakas. It's what makes a bad writer seem clever.) Not only was it the only win of the Yankee series but, the power blew on the amp temporarily shutting off all of the TVs and leaving the speakers off permanently. There was no music at all until Kim and Gareth stepped up and led the whole bar in "Sweet Caroline". I don't have to tell you that there were a few "Hands touching hands." And, then, of course, we sang "Dirty Water" after the game.

This happened at Fenway Park not too long ago. I was but a sprite (Ahh, sprite, from the greek word: lymon.) sitting in the bleachers with my chums enjoying Cracker Jack when suddenly the lights went out. Fenway was pitch black and fear gripped me. No, it wasn't Father O'Reilly. He was sitting two rows away. It was the idea that there were 30,ooo drunken imbeciles left to their own wiles, unwatched. When suddenly, the voice of an angel united us all.

It was Sherm Feller, the Red Sox PA announcer. He asked us to join him in round of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." The organ kicked in, and join him we did. Sherm got us through that tough time. All in all only 13 deaths were reported and 6 people are still missing. This was Boston in the 80's; you have to expect some losses. I really miss Father O'Reilly.
Monster Seats
Don't forget there's one more week to buy $10 raffle tickets to watch the Red Sox and Yankees at Fenway Park June 3rd from the Green Monster. This game is projected to be Clemens' triumphant return to Fenway Park. So, get in and get tickets!

Thom's Videos
I have copies of all of the TV spots that have been shot at Thom's. Some of you even appear in the Riv footage! If any of these miscreants (Craig Weiner) is positively identified from the video there will be sever repercussions. If anyone wants a copy let me know.

Ahh no one's reading this. I think I'll just go play some Wiffle ball. Who's in?

When the lights go down in the city
And the sun shines on the bay
Do i want to be therein my city,
Ohoh ohohohoh ohoh
Mmmmhmhm ohoh ohohoh ohoh

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