Thursday, November 15, 2007

7 Down.

I watched my first Celtics game of the year last night. I liked it. The defense was much better than I expected and it seemed like they could score from every position. But, judging from their fast break, it didn't appear the team had completely gelled yet. That's scary. They're 7-0 and have room to improve.

What impressed me most was the the role players. Perkins played the center position well, defending the inside, grabbing boards (8), and disrupting shots (4 blocks). He even kicked a few out for easy baskets. His offense wasn't so pretty, but it didn't have to be; we have plenty of guys that can score. Still, I'd like to see the Chief teach him a few upfakes so he could draw some fouls.

It feels so good to root for this team again. Look for the Celtics' crowds to get big at the bar.

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