Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Schill Still

It's done. Schilling will be pitching for the Boston Red Sox next year according to ESPN.com. I think this is a great move by both parties. It will probably be a while before Clay settles into his role as starter. Schill gives them some insurance. Even if he only pitches in the playoffs and deal will be worth it. Schilling will get a one year deal worth $8 million plus incentives that could bring him to $10 million total.

Travis Ford

It was a great night at Thom's Monday. The coach of UMASS basketball, Travis Ford broadcasted his weekly radio show from The Loft. Afterwards he was greeted by eager UMASS alumni who hosted the event. This was the first time we broadcasted a live show from the bar. But, judging by the success, more will come.

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