Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To The Carriage House

Bad news, bad news,
Come to me where I sleep,
Turn, turn, turn again.
Sayin' one of your friends
Is in trouble deep,
Turn, turn to the rain
And the wind.
-Bobby Zimmerman

January 29, 2008 -- BROOKLYN

A Park Slope bar patron was arrested after he brutally beat a man for saying the New England Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl, police said yesterday. Michael Divine, 25, struck up a conversation with the victim in the Carriage House Bar last Monday. Divine asked the man whether he thought the Giants or Patriots would win the Super Bowl. When the man picked the Pats, Divine punched him in the face, leaving him unconscious, then repeatedly kicked him in the head, police said. A witness blocked Divine and helped the victim off the floor. The injured man, who was treated at Methodist Hospital, later identified Divine from a photo array. Divine was caught in his grandmother's home last Saturday and charged with assault, menacing and harassment, police said.

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