Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Still a Sailor Peg.

In just one week we're shipping off to Hammond Stadium, spring home of the Twins. Ok, maybe that doesn't have a great ring to it, but it's the spring, we're still working out some kinks.

Next Friday the 2008 spring training season commences when the Sox take on the Minnesota Twins in sunny Florida. I know a bunch of you are going south for some games so send me your photos and I'll post them on the blog. If you can't be at the game be at Thom's. We'll be showing all the spring training games they allow us to show including the March 17 game against the Yankees.

Manager Terry Francona has said that the approach to each spring training game will be to focus on a different, important skill. On March 17, for instance, the entire team will practice hitting it at the shortstop. And on the 7th when they play Baltimore in Fort Lauderdale they will practice not going to Jose' Canseco's house for a barbecue. Special fielding advisor, Bernie the attorney will be on hand to help the players field uncomfortable questions after the game.

For the spring opener we will have some specials including but not limited to: Harpoon beer (yum), and Rhode Island style calamari battered in Harpoon beer (yum), and give-aways featuring Harpoon beer (yum).

The Green Team

As suspected the first half of the season was absolutely meaningless. Sure, the Celts dominated, but all of their competition has gotten better since then. After going 16-0 in the first half against the West they are now 0-2 in the second half. Tonight, the play the newly Shaqified Suns. This game is huge for the Celts to show they can win number 17. Looking ahead the Celts return to NYC on April 14th. There might be a couple tickets left.

More Thom's Foolery

The advanced word on "Blessed: Still We Believe II" is the gang at Thom's dominates the film! You guys rock. It starts out with some Ka(y)reoke footage from early in the season and finishes with the trophy party we had a couple months ago. In all, some 50 Thom's regulars appear on screen. Look for the DVD to hit stores on April 4th.
I am blessed, with my attorney Bernie
I'm impressed, with the way he runs the store
He's got Dodger season boxes
and an office full of foxes
It's amazing all the different things
your average guy might need a lawyer for.
-Dave Frishberg

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