Monday, March 24, 2008

Red Sox Haiku

Here are all of the
Submissions for the contest.
Help pick a winner!
-P. Thom
Baseball before dawn
Daisuke on familiar mound
Kirin for breakfast

Konichiwa, how
Say "Manny being Manny"
In Japanese? Hai!

All eyes on Edo
New season rises with sun
World Champs now play World
-Michael Liss

I think that's awesome
for Thom's to open early
Will Sonny's as well?
-Andrew Wasif

The alarm clock rings
It's 6 and the Sox are on
Praise f*cking Jesus
The alarm clock rings
It's 6 and the Sox are on
Please pass the sake
-Bryan Joiner

Sox Rub Sleep From Eyes
Sun Rises Over Fuji
A Blast From Papi!
Champions Head East
To Land Of The Rising Sun
Baseballs Strike Bamboo
-Jason Stevens

Matsuzaka is
Our Daniel-san. Is Oakland
Our Cobra-Kai? No!
-Kristine Zaleskis

Dice-K takes the mound
The hero of two nations
Play besuboru!
Red Sox in Japan
Better than Bad News Bears 3
Papi skunks Kelly
Manny be Manny
In a strange and far-off land
Domo Mannysan
Red Sox dawn rising
Awake! Awake! all ye fans
It's time to defend
-Matt Fortnow

Tiny dark-eyed girl sees hero on mound
In a new Boston cap, she is beaming
Tokyo's dusk is again her hero's
-Rhonda Zapatka

Predawn East Coast beer
Rabid chants: "FucK KaczmarczyK"
DaisuKe's mullet striKes
-Jules Verdone

Cherry blossoms burst
Fields run red and white with...Sox
Marry me Lowell
Overflowing eggs
Family gathered at Thoms
Alas, I slumber
-Melinda Richards

Early east-coast sun
Bring Red Sox game from Japan
Let's watch at Prof. Thoms
-Giack Selloni

Defending champions
won't condone shenanigans
from greedy bastards.
-Rob LaRose

Red Sox charter jet
Soars agleam thru the twilight,
Like Papi’s big fly.
-Peter M. Collery


Alex said...

That Zaleskis one rocks!

PacificaMatt said...

Ha ha ha! I vote for Zaleskis too!

Anonymous said...

lots of good ones...but I like the karate kid one too...

K said...

A vote for Kristine Zaleskis.

"Sweep the leg...put him in a body bag....yeaaaahhhhh"

Gia said...

Long live the spirit of Mr. Myagi. He would root for the Red Sox too. Another vote for Zaleskis.

Anonymous said...

The Zaleskas One
has eloquent sentiment.
It wins my Sox vote.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.