Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Red Sox, The Tigers, and Bruins. Oh My

Red Sox fans, how did you spend the Red Sox home opener? In 2005 I spent it trailed by a camera crew from YES Network! That’s right, the Yankees. It was my job to show 4 MFY fans around the Athens of America. Fear not, it was for a good cause as the footage will show. I made sure they suffered.

This year I took it easy joining the BLOHARDS on their annual pilgrimage to the most beloved ballpark in the country, Fenway. There wasn’t as much pomp and circumstance as the ceremony in 2005, but it was still special. Check out all of the pictures on Flickr and add your own to the pool.

We had a little time before the game so we headed to Shaw’s to pick up a copy of “Blessed: Still We Believe 2”. Look for details about a screening at Thom’s. And, if you can’t get to Shaw’s you can pre-order a copy here.

The Sox play tonight at 7pm against Detroit then host the Yankees this weekend. The crowds at the bar should be great and they’ll be plenty of give-aways.

Lace Up Your Skates!

It’s that annual right of passage that Boston fans for generations have suffered. The time has come again for the Bruins/Canadiens playoff exhibition. Yaaaaaaaay! Yes, each year the Bruins are allowed to play the Montreal Canadiens in as many as 7 games of exhibition hockey before the Canadiens move on to the NHL playoffs and the Bruins players go back to their jobs bagging groceries. The celebrations start tonight at 7 pm.

The BC Eagles face off in the Frozen Four tonight against North Dakota at 6 pm. Then it’s Notre Dame and Michigan at 9 pm. The winners will play Saturday at 7 pm in the national championship. College championship hockey is the best brand of the sport.

Second verse same as the first
I'm Henry the eighth I am
Henry the eighth I am, I am

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