Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Beat L.A.

It's about this time that someone always asks, "If they lose the championship was it worth it?" Who cares, the Celtics are going to win. Somehow the team with the best record in the NBA, a better record against the West than the East, and the best defense in the league is underdog to Kobe Bryant. You know what that means: Place your bets. Right now the Cetics are getting about 8-1 to beat the Lakers in 5 games and 5-1 to win in 6 games. That's easy green stuff.

If you're coming to Thom's tonight for Game 1 you should get there early for game 3 between the Sox and the Famous Original Tampa Rays. The baseball game was moved up to 6 out of concern for excess traffic in Boston. So, if you come in at 8 looking for a table and they're all gone, don't say I didn't warn you.


Mark your calendars now for July 14 when we'll be hosting a benefit for former Sox hurler Jerry Casale. Jerry's had some health problems lately and we're going to pick him up with an evening in his honor with many special guests. Details to follow.

And, if you find yourself in the giving mood help one of our favorite Thommies, Kim reach her most modest goal in her battle against Alzheimer's disease: Click here for more info.

More Thom's Foolery

There are still plenty of free tickets behind the bar for tomorrow's Summer Session at Harpoon Brewery. If you're going to Boston come in and pick some up.

Haven't found that perfect Father's Day gift yet? Check out Andy Wasif's new book Green Monster University. Andy does signings at the bar a couple of times per year.

My Father is the butcher
My Mother cooks the meat
And, I'm the little hot dog
That's runs around the street
-William Ralph Wertz

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