Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Trophy Party at Thom's

...and you were there and you were there.
The premiere of "Blessed! Still We Believe" went royally with so many of the stars in attendance. Last Thursday we screened the film (oops. sorry, wrong movie. Let's try again.) the film made at Thom's last year during the Red Sox run to the title.

And, if you were there and lucky enough to stick around afterwards you got a special treat. Our buddy, baseball historian Peter Nash, inspired by the trophy party at the end of the movie went to his car and brought out the trophy awarded to the Sox following the 1912 World Series. 1912! He also had the ball from the last out of the last game. The dozen or so people still around from the movie got to pose with and touch the trophy, the second to visit Thom's this year. More to come...

Tonight and Friday while the Sox are raising money for the Jimmy Fund on the air we'll have collection cans sent to us from the Jimmy Fund so you can donate in the bar.

Our buddy Aaron Elstein blew the lid off of the little "clerical error" the Yankees were trying to pull in estimating earnings for the new Yankee Stadium. Check out his article in Crain's and you'll understand why Hanky Panky is already saying "Wait until next year."

And lastly, please do not miss The Alex Minasian Trio at Thom's tonight playing Jazz in the Loft. If you want to sit in, bring your instrument.
Still no results from the RSN Governors election. Stay tuned.

It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it outta sight
-Lyn Collins

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