Friday, November 07, 2008

Officers of Red Sox Nation New York

This will be a bicameral system of government with the lower house made up of the New York Red Sox Meet-up Group of New York and the Senate made up of BLOHARDS.

Official posts are as seriously granted and as follows:

Lt. Guvna of Trivial Things-John Quinn
Minister of Propogander-Paul "Fitzie" Fitzgerald
Chief Consul-David Tice
Ambassador to Westchester-Bob Sullivan
Secretary of Manny Defense-Adam Liscombe
Secretary of the Treasury-Rhonda Zapatka
Consul to China-Michael Liss
Alderman of Tampa Bay Dept. of Rec-John Brooks
Secretary of War and special liason to Kelly's Roastbeef-Matt Schwalb
Councilwoman of Campaign Running-Ruth Montilla
Mayor of Binghamton-Eden Ligas
Cultural Attache' to Bellevue-Chris Campion
Secretary of Treasury-Mike Murphy
Comptroller of Kickbacks (Indicted)Joe Cosgriff
Secretary of Edjumacation-Mel
Monsignor of Faith- Eric Fredrickson
Archivist of Thunder Mist-Michael Benoit
Borough President of Third Base Melinda Richards
Guy of Strong-Dirk Gorman
Secretary of Labor-Dan "The Monster" Sullivan
Ministera di Calzini Rossi Heather Love
Undersecretary of Bullpen Excellence-Karen E. Weeks
Superattendent of Dirty Water-Rob LaRose
Consul to the British Isles (Not including Wales)-Gareth Hill
Emperor of Alcohol- Robert Young
Secretary of Lite Horton Foote
Minister of Minutemen-Matt Raycroft
The Mayor of Albany-Steve Forbes Jr.
Komandant of Yankee fan internment camps-Adam Reichman
Park Ranger-Adam Bachelder
Head of the MPAA-Steven Brandt
Ombudsman of, ahm, Bud-Steven Wright
Grand Moff-Steven Osbourn
Gregorian Knight-Pez
General Consul of Clamcakes-Kim Rossi
King of Sol-Eric Silinish
Commander of Coopers, Princeps of Pickles-Rick Field
Head Cheerleader-Steve Kaczmarczyk
Chief of Chiefs- John Hendrickson
Speaker of the Housewives-Deb Kjeldsen
More to come...


Anonymous said...

No people from upstate? What's up with that?

Jerry Thomas said...

How can you tell by the titles?
There happen to be a few from upstate. But, there could be more.

Anonymous said...

So who are the upstaters? And I heard there were supposed to be mayors. Who are they? How were they chosen?

Jerry Thomas said...

All of the names are next to the titles. Most of the officers requested their titles and absent of conflict were granted them.

A lot of the information can be found in various posts on this blog.

Michael Leggett said...

Pax Vobis, Kyrie!

Eden said...

As a fellow upstater and Mayor of Binghamton, I would like to welcome all upstaters to the Red Sox Nation. You are wise beyond your years! Go Sox!

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.