Friday, May 08, 2009

The Perfect Storm

Three for one. Tonight only. Get them while they’re hot!  We at Professor Dom’s have the distinct honor of offering you three Boston games too-nite fer the price of one.

That’s right. First you got your mean Greens. The Celts head to Orlando for Game 3 against the Magic.  Doug Henning is not walking through that door. And, neither is Rafer Alston. “Skip to My Lou" (sounds like an episode of “Mary Tyler Moore”) was slapped with a one game suspension for going all Moe Howard on Eddie House.  So, the Celts should be able to dominate the guard spots. Look for Ray Allen to score 70.

Is next: Swimwear.  You got your Red Sox coming off an otherwise mediocre performance that featured a 12-run sixth inning (all with zero outs, mind you).  Tonight at 7:10 they take on the Devil Rays and this time it’s personal. 

Then at 7:30 you got your Broons.  The Bruins have all but given away any chance to sweep the Hurricanes in Round 2. In fact, both 1 seeds find themselves down 2 games to 1. Tonight, the Bruins have decided it might be better to play hockey the way they did all year when they had the second most points overall rather than how they played all decade when they sucked big time.  The race for the Cup is wide open and the good guys are still favorite.

That’s 3 for the price of one.  Get there early.

In Memoriam

Where have you gone Dom DiMaggio?  "The Little Professor" passed away today at the age of 92.  Best known for his presence in centerfield for the great Sox teams of the 40’s DiMaggio spent his life after baseball as a very successful business man in New England. He was an original owner of the Patriots and tried many times to buy the Sox in the 60’s and 70’s. He is rumored to be replacing Leon Culberson in heaven.

More Dom’s Foolery

What else is going on? Let me see…Bear with me while I flip through the Globe…Hmm. Ok, nothing there.  How about online? …Really not much.  What about former Sox players?…Aha! There it is.  I knew there was something going on. I’m not sure how this flew under the radar. Bruce Hurst is back. Whatya know?  See you tonight.

Who hits the ball and makes it go?
Dominick DiMaggio.
Who runs the bases fast, not slow?
Dominick DiMaggio.
Who's better than his brother Joe?
Dominick DiMaggio.
But when it comes to getting dough,
They give it all to brother Joe.

-Red Sox Fans

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