Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Onward to The Playoffs

This is it, your very last chance to see the Sox begin their climb atop the American League East on their way to post-season glory. Ahhhh. In this issue of "You Have to Believe" there is a paid lunch, free beer and a great book. Details below.

This Friday the Red Sox invade New York with a few surprises, guys the Yankees have never even seen. What will the Yankees do with Lars Anderson and Yamaico Navarro? Huh? Nothing. These guys are unknowns. The Sox should be able to score dozens of runs this weekend while enjoying one clutch performance after another from their pitching.

So, you will need to be in the right frame of mind to celebrate this amazing comeback. Right?
Friday morning join the BLOHARDS and their merry show at the Princeton Club. This biennial brunch is the most talked about meal of the day twice a-year and features former Red Sox, current Red Sox, TV personalities and a load of Sox fan fun. Tickets are still available. Contact: jbpkillianATgmail.com. Free drinks to the first ten people who mention the name "Win Remmerswaal" and his lifetime ERA.

Friday night there is a lollapalooza waiting for you at Thom's.

Gabriel Schechter will be present selling copies of his bestselling book "This BAD Day in Yankee History". There will be Red Sox trivia too. You must have this book. You must give this book to people you love. The winners will get copies of Gabe's book and - get this - beer!

We moved Harpoon's Third Thursday event to Friday. That means lots of free beer for you! Drink Harpoon and you'll get a raffle ticket to win free beer. Answer some Sox trivia questions: free beer. Free beer! So good, so good…

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