Friday, June 09, 2006

Gray skies are gonna to clear up!

What a difference a day makes! The Sox finally remembered how to play baseball and you were there.

Thanks to everyone who came in for the Yankee series. Every night was a success. Unfortunately, the trivia contest scheduled for Wednesday had to be postponed indefinitely. The Red Sox' own trivia master Rod Oreste and former Yankee Bucky Dent supplied us with some of the questions, so we'll get this done in the near future. Stay tuned for more details. And let me know if you want to take part.

Jason Grimsley, I am disappointed. Drugs in baseball? Who knew? But, Peter Gammons said this is the "clean era". What's a boy to think now? I saw a documentary on Tuesday that implicated the Red Sox as being involved in this problem from the outset. In 1974, Pawtucket, Rhode Island (home of the Sox Triple -A affiliate) was a hotbed for illegal activity. The documentary implicated one Stephen "Drugs" Delaney as a known supplier of any and all illegal substances. Delaney met an untimely death later that year in a car accident. But, his legacy lived on. (Alright, I'm obsessed with that movie.)

Two more people walked away with 12-packs of Harpoon IPA last night. There were T-shirts, pitchers, and cases given away all week and it won't stop there. More raffles and beer and food specials to come.

This weekend we're debuting Harpoon Saison. It's a light, high alcohol, summer beer, and there's only one keg. So get it while you can.

It's World Cup time and Thom's will be showing the games. (Download a full program here.) That means for a month or so we're going to have to tolerate people calling soccer "football". So, you might as well drink to justify your confusion. Also, WelshSoxFan is trying to set up a little game of football, ah, soccer, ah the thing where you kick the ball, a lot. If you're interested let him or me know.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Red Sox in this year's All-Star game.

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