Friday, February 23, 2007

Dennis Johnson, Dead at 52

The closest I ever got to Dennis Johnson was when I approached him at the Celtics bench during a game to ask for his autograph. He was tying his shoe; he bit his bottom lip and just shook his head "no". I held that against him until I was all of 16. But, DJ is the guy I site every time I make the argument about what a point guard should and shouldn't do. He needs to direct the offense. He needs to distribute the ball. He needs to position himself for a medium range jumpshot. He needs to get back on defense. It seems these days, most point guards think their job is to penetrate, shot, or hit the 3. Not, DJ; he played the position perfectly. Watch in this most famous clip of DJ how he has the awareness to cut to the basket when he sees the steal.

Here are some more clips:

ESPN Tribute
Local Legends Tribute
Bird Steal

The Long Clip

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