Thursday, February 22, 2007

Has Anybody Seen Manny?

Baseball is officially back! And, it wouldn't be the same without our favorite lightning rod: Manuel Aristides Ramirez. (Better our lightning rod than theirs!) Much like that globetrotter of yore, Carmen Sandiego, nobody knows exactly where Manny is.
But, we can guess:

Is he at a car show? Is he at the mall?
Does anyone know where Manny is?

Hopefully he'll be back in time for you to see him at Thom's. The Spring is in full swing with the first scrimmage only a week away. The usual suspects, Papi, Shilling, and Manny have dominated the headlines. They have been joined in equal billing by Daisuke and his mythical gyroball.

While many of you are heading south to see the games the rest of you should be heading to Thom's. Not only will we be airing every game we can, we'll be hosting a showcase of New England comedians on the 15th with Nick Stevens and starring comedians from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", "The Daily Show", SpikeTV and more, THE BOSTON TEABAG PARTY will not be all about Boston. It's about the people from Boston throwing a comedy party in NYC. Kindalike the 2004 ALCS. Except more enjoyable for Yankee fans.

Then on the 31st we're heading to Philly to see the last Sox spring training game.

After that the fun begins. There will be drink specials galore, clams, book signings, Asahi, pickles, rare game footage, movie screenings, Asahi, more clams, and baseball. My God it does not get better than this.
I guess I'm lying to myself
Its just you and no one else
Lord I won't miss you child
You've been blotting out my mind
Fooling on my time
No, I won't miss you, baby, yeah
-Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

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