Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Something to Believe in.

Set the wayback machine for 1986...

If you grew up anywhere near Boston 20 years ago you'll remember a t-shirt that said "Boston: It's the balls". It showed the logos of the Sox, Pats, and Celts who all went to the championship within a year of eachother. It was a nice time to be a Masshole. Unfortunately, the Sox and Pats participated in two of the most famous losses ever and the Celts celebrated what was to be their last championship for 200 years.

Well dust off those t-shirts because it's time for a bit of nostalgia.

The Pats, tired of not winning a Super Bowl in a couple years, beefed up their roster in the off-season by adding a stud LB and stud wide receivers led by Randy Moss. And the Sox, not content with leading everybody in baseball are reportedly adding Gagne today.

And, now for the big news: Basketball in Boston is once again palatable.

The Celts have just announced the acquisition of Kevin McHale's prodigy: Kevin Garnett. They finally decided to throw around some green stuff. That's right, the Celtics now have three aging superstars with a two year window to win it all! (Actually, if they just get to another championship I'll be a happy camper.) In making the deal, the Celts have traded away the rest of their team and first round draft picks ad infinitum. But, do not fear. To compensate for their seeming lack of bench Bill Russell will be coming out of retirement. And, since the Bruins have elected to take a year off to save salary, they will be loaning 7' 2" defenseman Zdeno Charo to the Celtics. Chara will not be informed of the deal and will wear his skates and carry a stick. Oh, happy days are here again! No more lonely winter nights at Thom's.

Now if Tree Rollins will only re-bite Danny Ainge's finger the nostalgia trip will be complete. Mr. Peabody couldn't do a better job of bringing me back. I already have my suede Pumas and my Adidas suit out of storage. Look for my feathered hair this weekend at Thom's.

More Thom's Foolery
  • Speaking of anachronisms, Fitzie will be back with the whole dang Boston Teabag Party on August 16.
  • On August 28th the nice people at Bombo films will be back to shoot more of their new Sox doc. Be at Thom's and be a star.
  • Looking way ahead, September 6th we'll be having Clamapalooza IV: The Chowder Off. We're inviting you to bring in your best chowder for a cooking contest. See the blog or ask at the bar for more details.

I tried all night not to break down and cry

As the tears rolled down my face

I felt so cold and empty

Like a lost soul out of place

And the mirror, mirror on the wall

Sees my smile it fades again

Give me something to believe in.


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