Thursday, August 09, 2007

Get me off this ride I'm sick already.

Christ! The Sox are a bunch of scarry SOBs. It's getting so that if I don't watch the game I'm so afraid they lost that I spy the nightly scores on my laptop with one eye, sneaking up on it like I used to sneak up on the mice in my West Village apartment dancing around my sonic pest preventer like it was emiting house music. (Mice are big fans of drum and bass, btw.) I learned from those mice that you can't really get rid of them unless of course you gas them. And the Yankees, the pests they are, will not go away (unless of course we gas them). So, again like the mice, we're going to have to beat them with our bats!

Did anyone else notice that when the Yankees cut the lead to 5 games the heavens opened, the subways ceased, and there was even a tornado in Brooklyn? (Three youths in East New York have been arrested for shooting at the tornado.) I'm not saying that Steinbrenner was directly responsible. But, it did seem like a celebration of sorts.

But there is good news! Yes, a silver lining if you will. Moxie is back in New England! A Bedford NH company has purchased the calvinist Cola from Monarch Beverage of Atlanta and is attempting to restore it to the height of it's early 20th century pride. Y'know, Teddy Ballgame drank Moxie. Look for Moxie bombs at Thom's soon. Jes'um Crow!

I know you think I sound like Bill Simons on a nostalgia trip driving the A-Team van trying to out-inside The Insiders on The Morton Downey Jr. Show. You weren't? Ok, I'll get to what's going on at Thom's:
  • Coming up on Tuesday, the 21st of August we'll be filming more footage of Ka(y)reoke for the nice people at Bombo Films. Some of this footage will be in the new Red Sox documentary.
  • On Thursday, the 23rd we'll be screening Brett Rapkin's new film about the '67 Sox, "Impossible to Forget".
  • After the film on the 23rd we have the Boston Teabag Party upstairs featuring everyone's favorite townie: Fitzy.
  • On Tuesday, the 28th the BLOHARDS will be having their Summer Lunch at the Yale club and Bombo Films will be back at Thom's to shoot the crowd during the Yankee game.
  • We need your Chowder for our Sept 6th Chowder cook off. Prizes galour.

Ahw shit, yeah, thats right huh
Rollercoaster of love
Say what
Rollercoaster yeah (oohh oohh oohh)
Oh baby you know what Im talking about

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