Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Death of Lancelot

As one star falls, another rises.

News came down yesterday of the sad death of Robert Goulet. A native of Lawrence, Mass., Goulet was a huge Red Sox fan who considered his performance of "Impossible Dream" at this year's home opener his greatest thrill.

Goulet died in the hospital awaiting an heart transplant. According to his wife Vera, among his last words were, ""Just give me a new pair of lungs and I'll hit the high notes until I'm 100."

Meanwhile, the new popstar of sports is Seamus McPapelbon. The kilt wearing, jig busting closer of the Red Sox will appear on David Letterman tonight Muddy River Dancing.


According to the Globe, Schilling has likely pitchedd his last game in a Red Sox uniform.

There was the chapel, at a brooklet's side.
I galloped downhill to it with my guide.
I was too late, for Lancelot had died.
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