Friday, November 02, 2007

Fitzy's Back!

Fitzy has been busy helping ESPN make Monday Night Football watchable, so it's understandable that he hasn't had time to lead the Nation in a while. But, he's back big time with his World Series wrap-up and his mid-season Superbowl preview. (This is a must listen. Don't be tricked into clicking the Frank DeFord link.) Fitzy takes on NPR's audience in this clip in an audacious defense of all things Patriots.

It's obvious that the NPR (National Patriots Radio) reporter has had enough of Fitzy's beautiful boondoggle of his show so he rolls the "get him out of here" music and once out of earshot says, "Fitzy alleges he's a sports expert." The joke's on you, jackass. Fitzy already GFY'ed you in his sign off.

Line of the show?
Fitzy to a Colts' fan caller: "Gimme a break Nell Carter."

Here's Eric Wilbur's great take on the Pats' runningituppyness.

And, don't blame the Pats for their lopsided victories, blame the Colts. Judy Batista of the NYTimes does.

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